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My short story is going to be published in a book soon! Not sure how long I need to wait but the coordinator told us we will likely receive the book by February next year. Now I am onto my second short story and it's for Mother's day. I really hope all these can help me write better and better and hopefully one day, not so far from today, I can publish my own book. Today my post will be just some random updates for the past two weeks.

I recently created a new Instagram account to record baby C’s daily meals. About two weeks ago, I started to let her eat on her own and turned out she liked it. She had a chance to explore foods on her own and I have a bit of freedom to do some chores while she is eating or sometimes I sit and eat together with her. Every day I take a picture of her plate and post it on IG. I followed others who have similar posts as well to get some meal ideas what to give to baby C. I created this account only for fun and also to help keep track of what she eats and if she has any allergies. Last week, she had some allergic reaction; her lower left eye was a bit swollen, so I brought her to the polyclinic. I’m not sure what caused it but that day she ate nasi lemak for breakfast and nibbled a crab stick (we ate sushi for dinner) so either one of them caused this. I was so scared but it didn’t seem to bother her much so I guess it was not that serious. After that, I tried to prepare her meals as plain as possible and whenever we go out for dinner, I will pack her food. So far, it’s been a fun experience for both me and her. Since next year she is going to childcare, I think this can be an early training for her to eat solid foods on her own at the childcare.

A few weeks ato, my friend Rani texted me that she is going to the UK next year for holiday because she got some free return tickets from Emirates or something I forget. Both of us were very close during Uni period and we kinda made a pact that when both of us had finally save enough money, we would go to the UK together. Then I moved to Singapore, I finally had enough savings but she didn’t, so we postponed it. Then I got married, pregnant, quit my job and had a baby. Now that she has got enough savings because she didn’t have to pay for the air tickets, it’s not possible for me anymore to travel without my husband and baby. So we kinda dissolved the pact we made. I told her if I were to travel to the UK, it would be with my family. But I am happy for her, she finally had her dream come true. Strange enough, though, I didn’t feel jealous or bitter. I guess it’s not my time to go there yet; baby C is still small and I still have to find a job and save more money. I’m sure some time in the future we will eventually go.

Christmas is coming soon! I cannot believe it’s already the end of the year 2020. Unlike last year, this year we don’t really celebrate together with friends and family; we split them into two since we can only have up to five guests. Nonetheless, I am still very much looking forward to it. I am planning to bake two types of cakes as a Christmas favour to them to bring home; a Dutch butter cake (this will be the first I bake) and a chocolate brownie. I can’t wait for Christmas to come!

I think that’s all for now. I am going to write my second short story. Wish me luck!


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