hello, world!

I always start my blog with "Hello, World!" as it seems the most appropriate way to introduce myself in the world wide web and I hope this will be the last one. I never stick to a blog for more than a year; there was a period where I had three blogs altogether from all different platforms and none of them exists now. You may say I am that person who starts but fails to finish, which I agree with. I wrote for a few months then abandoned it because every time I reread what I wrote, voices appear: “This is rubbish!”, “Who's going to read this? It's not interesting at all!”, “These are bad, not good enough!”. I struggled for quite some time; not sure if I am good at writing at all. I mean, writing is pretty basic, right? Then I found my real problem: I write for the sake of people reading it. I tried so hard to make people like my writings; I composed every sentence as poetic as I could to make people wanting to read or admire it. As the result, I wasn't being honest to myself. I started with something big or important but nothing being discussed, it was just a bunch of sentences with no deeper meaning.

One day, I was wandering around a bookstore and I saw a book by a local author which contains articles she wrote on newspapers. It was some kind of her life journal. She always started the story with her own simple daily life and then developed it from there. Sometimes she only wrote about her life; it's like reading her diary. Well, I took a good lesson from her: start with something simple, start with writing about who you really are. I always thought my life is boring, who wants to read a life of an ordinary woman. But I was wrong. I didn't look closer enough to realise I lead quite an extraordinary life depends on how you see it. It's all about looking from a different angle. 

So, from now on, I just want to write for me to read it. No big stories, no deep discussions, just the story of my life.


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