a bit about me

Yes, please!

My name is Jeannette. I am an Indonesian born Chinese and it's very common for Indonesians to have a single name without a surname. My parents gave me a Chinese name but it wasn't included in the birth certificate, so I ended up having only a single name. 

I was born in Jakarta and one year later my sister was born. I moved to Singapore in 2010 right after I graduated from uni. I never expected to come and work here. It was Sunday morning, I woke up because the phone rang. It was my aunt and she asked me if I wanted to work in Singapore. Two months later, I came here and it has been seven years since. Although in 2015, I thought of going back to Indonesia but I guess God always has a plan. My working pass was approved for another two years. In that same year, I met a guy to whom I got married to and followed him settling down here.

I enjoy reading fictions (non-fictions, recently, as my husband urged me to read more of them, for your self-improvement, he said) and watching movies. I occasionally cook, but nothing complicated. I love writing and want to be a writer one day. I decided to start small, hence, this blog. I hope to learn and grow better and better as a human being as well as writer. This blog will contain my life journey and learning, be it travelling experiences, foods I like, books I read or daily stuff that I daydream about.


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