a short recap of 2017

First of all, I got married to YF in February, two days before my 30th birthday. Get married before 30, checked! Next, I quit my job. It has been a roller coaster ride of feelings being jobless; relieved as I was getting overwhelmed and constantly frustrated and angry at work, but also scared as I have not enough savings to support myself in case I couldn't get a new job. Since then, I had more free time to do things I like, such as cooking, movie marathoning, and lazying around. So, quit my job and enjoy life, checked?

Almost every year I make a new year resolution and subsequently fail to stick to them. It's easier to say or write it out than actually do it. I don't have much willpower to do things I don't actually enjoy and I just want to see results fast. Well, it's impossible to lose 2 kgs in one night, right? Anyway, this year, I decided I am not going to write one, instead I am going to make some goals I want to attain. For now I have one goal in mind: I want to publish my own book. Honestly, I don't know if I can actually write a book since I never finish writing any stories I start; I keep dragging myself and having excuses not to continue. So, I give myself a deadline of six months to write a book. I really want to make it work and I hope along the way I can slowly find what I truly want to do in my life.


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