new house, new job

Two updates: new house, new job.

We bought a flat last month and just moved in two weeks ago. We finally have a place to call our own! It’s a 3-room flat since we thought it’s only the two of us and we are planning to move to a bigger place when our family grows in the future, but for now, this is what we can afford without being so tight on money. We made a few trips to IKEA to buy some furniture and installed them ourselves. I am still adjusting myself, especially my travelling journey to work. It’s pretty far and I have to go out from house pretty early now.

I finally returned to work again after 8-month hiatus. I am still doing the same thing though, only with a different company. It’s been two weeks and it’s going fine so far; the pace is more relaxing and peaceful, although longer working hours. I’m not sure if I still want to do the same thing but YF said I could probably see things differently now, that I have grown more matured and whatever issues I faced last time would probably not happen again in the new company.

Two good things happened at the same time. I am grateful things worked out well. YF has been a great husband; he put up a lot with me, especially when I was out of job. This is just the beginning, things are going to get more and more challenging from here. So I hope I can continue to be positive and happier.


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