book review: stress the psychology of managing pressure

YF recommended this book for me to read and if he recommends, it means the book is really good. Stress the Psychology of Managing Pressure is about how to manage pressure so it won’t make you stress. It’s basically saying that stress is actually not harmful; it is human nature to experience stress on a certain level. Most of the time, stress comes when we try to change the external situations, we experience many uncomfortable feelings or pains so we associate these pains with stress. We cannot change the external situations but we can change our mind set; learn how to be positive, to persevere, to appreciate, to value ourselves and to relax.

The book has a lot of useful information and also many practical exercises to try on our own. It’s easy to understand, many informative facts, charts and statistics to support every topic discussed on the book. Every chapter is straight to the point and limited to two to three pages; it won’t bore you with some elaborated explanations.

The book really speaks to me in many ways. I learnt a lot about stress and what causes it. The most important I learnt how to manage my feelings properly whenever I think I am stressful. It’s not easy, though, but I realised recently I can control my anger or emotions better than before.


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