and then there were three

I've been busy working these past few months... I'm joking! :p okay, since my last post, yes I was working, up until early January. I got a new job in Human Resource and one week into the job I found out that I was pregnant. Then the nausea and vomiting kicked in so I quit. By the time I quit, I was on my sixth week.

So what happened was I felt unwell a few days I got into my new job. At first I thought it was because of the stress at work; I always clocked out late. It went on and on for a week until my friend asked me to buy a pregnancy test and voilĂ ... I was pregnant. I sent YF the pregnancy test and he just laughed. The following Monday, I told my manager that I decided not to continue my employment. My condition could only get worse from there. I couldn't drink, eat or move. The only food I could eat was wholegrain biscuits from Jacob's. Most of the day I just lay in bed, ate some biscuits, vomited a bit, slept, ate biscuits, vomited, cried...

We went back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year in February and my condition continued like that at my in laws' house. I just slept most of the time and whatever my MIL cooked, I ate and vomited and then munched on biscuits. I felt so bad, though, I couldn't appear happier or more excited. So after we came back to Singapore, we went to KKH for our first appointment. The OB scanned my tummy and I was overwhelmed seeing a small foetus inside me. YF looked excited as well, hahaha

The nausea and vomit continued... so my days basically went like this: every morning YF made me a cup of oats drink, for lunch I ordered soup from The Soup Spoon, because that was the only thing I could eat. In the evening, YF bought those tiny sushi rolls with egg or crab stick filling home for my dinner. He cut an apple when I had appetite to eat more. There were days when I couldn't eat anything and vomited everything I ate; after that I just cried and cried while eating biscuits.

I am on my 14th week now. I have more appetite to eat but there are still certain foods I cannot accept, such as oily foods, fried foods, and fast foods. I cannot stomach McDonalds' fries or even their burgers; I am so so sad... The craving starts to kick in; nowadays I keep craving for Thai or Italian foods, hahaha Korean foods occasionally, but the food I go to when I feel unwell is sushi, of course no raw meat/fish.

Most of my close family and friends already knew that I was expecting. Our parents are so excited, especially both moms. How do I feel? I feel happy, excited but also nervous. I am not sure if I'm ready to be a mother, a good one. But I guess nobody is ever ready for this when it comes, you just have to face it and do your best. Well, six months to go and I hope everything goes well.


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