stay at home

I did not abandon this blog, I just cannot find sufficient time and concentration to write. Lame excuse, I know, but since I have Celeste, all I focus on is her and when I have a bit of free or personal time, I’d rather Netflix; no extra energy or attention required. But today,YF convinced me to write since Celeste is sleeping and I am just playing on my phone. He just bought a wireless keyboard and paired it with my phone so I can type more easily.

It’s been a couple of depressing months since the beginning of 2020. At first, I couldn’t be bothered about all those COVID-19 news on TV or social media. But people surround me kept updating me with all the new cases and started to worry excessively, I got upset for a completely different reason. I could no longer meet my friends, go out with YF and Celeste, and my parents and sister cancelled their trips to Singapore. It got worse and worse. I’m not going to talk about it here since it’s already on the news daily. It's been a month since the government announced that people should stay at home and some businesses have to close down. YF had to work from home as well.

To be honest, nothing really changes for me since I’ve been staying home taking care of Celeste after my mom went back to Jakarta. But with YF staying at home as well now, I’ve been trying many new recipes, especially snacks. Also, Celeste has started her solid foods, so I’ve been experimenting with many new ingredients for her. Recently, I mostly feed her with brown rice porridge because it really helps with her bowel movement. For YF and I, I try my best to cook everyday so we don’t have to order online. With limited time and sources, I cook mostly simple or one type dish, like yong to fu, fried rice or char kuay teow. YF is not a picky eater so he is fine with monotonous meals. Only for the tea break snack, I would make different type of foods, like fried tofu, jumput jumput pisang, kue dadar, spring rolls and so on.

I have nothing to write about the situation right now. It’s depressing but I try not to think about it as much as I can. I just hope everything is going to be okay soon.


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