a trip to s.e.a. aquarium

I'd been pestering YF to go to S.E.A. Aquarium and finally we went yesterday. This was the first for baby C to visit the aquarium and Sentosa island has only recently been open to public and only locals can visit, so we all were kinda excited. When we arrived, it was like a ghost town. Most shops were still closed. We passed by Universal Studio, which was closed, and took photos in front of the big globe without any photobombs. It was a rare sight, hahaha then we headed to the aquarium.

Apparently it was school holidays this week so most of the guests there were family with toddlers and kids. But we could still enjoy the visit very much. It was not crowded, relaxing and rather peaceful. Baby C didn't give us much trouble as well; we could see that she was fascinated by the fish. After a while, she was hungry and fell asleep, so both of us just strolled slowly until we reached the main aquarium and stayed there a while. It was beautiful.

I honestly enjoyed it very much. There's something very soothing watching those fishes swim around. YF said it's actually a way of escaping the real world, the reality we are in. I never thought of that, but I guess it's true. Those sea animals don't have jobs to do or responsibilities or bills to pay. Watching them is like hoping my life would be that easy. I guess I have been just feeling overwhelmed for so long that I feel like pressing a pause, escaping the reality and taking a break. Watching the fishes actually helped.

Anyway, it was a tiring day bringing baby C out, especially during this period. Every hour we went to the toilet to wash our hands and baby C's because she touched everything. But it was fun. I guess I can make a yearly visit to the aquarium just to help keep my feet on the ground.


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