if i've given a chance to change my major in university

I figured if I don't know what to write, might as well find a topic from those writing challenges posted by other bloggers. I've found a few lists, but I'm going to pick and choose what to write because not all those questions interest me. I recalled I did a writing challenge before on my previous blog but couldn't remember anymore because that blog was nonexistent. Then I did a doodling challenge on my doodling blog which I deactivated long time ago. I tried many ways to keep me writing but none of them worked. YF told me probably I don't really like writing, I just love the idea of writing. Sometimes I wonder if it's true.

“I need to update my blog" - this sentence crosses my mind almost every day, but most of the time I am just too tired or lazy. Recently, the urge to write has been kinda bugging me, so here I am, trying to write while baby C is napping. I really hope it will work this time.. the mind is strong but the body is weak, hahahaha so I don't have any expectations; I don't want to set any targets like how many posts to write in a month and stuff but I am trying my best.

So, I found this question but not sure from where, it's something like this: if you could turn back time to when you had to choose what to study in uni, would you choose a different major?

I studied English Language and Culture back in uni. The reason I chose this major was because I like English language. I grew up watching Disney movies, listening to English language songs, and I had a very good result in English subject at school. Back in the days I was still in primary school, English language wasn't a compulsory subject. You could choose to learn or not. Back then, most movies or tv shows were dubbed in Bahasa Indonesia so it wasn't really necessary to learn English, but still my mom sent me and my sister to learn the language at a local English language centre, so from there on my interest in English started.

When I was in high school, I wasn't good at math or science. I thought of art school but it was basically not an option because it was too costly. I hated accounting. So I chose English language. At that period, Chinese language/Mandarin started to enter the market, but English language was still a language people willing to pay you a high salary if you're good at it. I strived in uni and graduated with high GPA and I thought the future was looking bright for me; I could be a teacher/lecturer, translator or work at an international company. Then, I moved to Singapore.

A country where English is the national language, my degree was basically useless. But it was good enough to land me a job as a HR assistant. From there, I basically just honed my HR skills and completely forgot about my degree. Recently, since the lockdown, I have been doing a few new stuff, like handy crafting, haircutting and especially cooking. I feel joy when I cook; the satisfaction when you successfully cook something delicious. I often thought, what if I studied something else back then, like cooking? or art? or even hairstyling? I am not saying that I was very good at cooking or hairstyling, I just wasn't exposed in those stuff back then and my parents probably wouldn't think those were good options to study. YF told me that it's not too late to learn again; take up some courses in hairstyling or cooking, who knows those are actually my passions.

So, if I could turn back time and choose again what to study, I would probably choose a different major, go to culinary school. But I don't regret my decision studying English language, I still love the language and always try to speak proper English rather than Singlish. I am currently writing a story in English which hopefully will get published one day.


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