an opportunity to write

A few days ago, my friend messaged me about joining a project to write a short story with few others to be compiled as a book. I quickly said yes, I mean this will be my first book, although it's just a short story but it's a start for hopefully more books to publish!

The book is a compilation of short stories about life in Singapore as Indonesians. The book will be in Bahasa Indonesia. I am honestly excited and still don't know what to write. Today I thought I wanted to write but meh.. Starbucks at NEX doesn't allow the customers to use any laptops or iPads so maybe later I might have to find somewhere else that allows me to do some writings. I hope I can do a decent writing to submit and also to see if I am really good at writing because I will be reading other people's writings as well.

I’m back at home now. Too tired to move to another mall and very hot outside and it’s Saturday, malls equal crowds. I went to have lunch with my friend,VJ, at Swensen’s and did a bit of shopping and by shopping I meant buying baby C’s toys and clothes.

Alright! So as I was saying, I hope this is an opportunity for me to show off my writing. I’ve been writing a book, too, which I have neglected for almost a year, so this is good to start the engine to write again. With this off day once a week I kinda force myself to update my blog weekly. Sometimes I don’t feel like writing anything or even if I find a topic to write, I’m not sure it will be good enough. For today, I want to start writing the short story, browse some ideas and make some drafts. Wish me luck!


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