going back to work

I guess this “no use of laptop or studying" policy at has finally kicked in most of Starbucks and Coffee Bean shops. So here I am writing on my phone in the bus home. Update on my short story: nothing much... I haven't been able to continue writing since last week. I thought I could do it today but man, time seriously flies. I was shopping at Daiso after my haircut and bam! 5 PM! Well, maybe I still can. I have about an hour to kill.

I am not going to write a long post today, just a few updates what's going on in my life. Recently, YF and I had been talking about me going back to work because we wanted to buy a bigger flat so it's only possible with two people's incomes. Baby C is going to childcare next year. I guess that's good for her, though, to make new friends and learn stuff, rather than staying at home with me and just playing randomly. I am very nervous to go back to work after almost two years, not sure what kind of job to apply and especially with the situation right now, I'm actually worried. But this is for the best. I don't want to suffer in the future; I don't want YF to suffer with me. I know how it felt not to have savings. Also, the longer I stop working, the more difficult to get back out there.

To be honest, everything is so unsure right now, or maybe it's just me overthinking.


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