being on social media

Recently, Northpoint City mall installed some portable work booths called Switch. You pay S$3.50 per hour and you get your own personal office with free wifi and a bluetooth speaker in case you want to connect your Spotify while you work. It’s very convenient, especially if there’s no seats at Starbucks during peak hours. The room is clean and comfortable, for now, though, because it’s still new. I hope they do maintenance regularly to keep it that way. So now I don’t need to spend eight dollar-ish drink to just sit and write.

What I want to write today is about being on social media. Currently, I’m active mostly on Instagram and Facebook, occasionally on Pinterest and TikTok (both are for browsing purpose only), and on Blogger for my weekly writing. I tried many other social media before, such as Twitter, Tumblr, Wordpress, MySpace, Hi5 and Friendster! Gosh, who can forget Friendster? It was so popular back then! I managed to maintain those social media accounts for quite some times until I decided to delete them all. I met a lot of interesting people though, but we didn't keep in touch anymore, mainly because after I deleted those accounts I didn't try to find them on Facebook. But nowadays, if you want to find someone, Instagram is the place. My Facebook's friend requests are now mostly my mom's friends, hahaha I've been thinking to deactivate it because I don't really post anything there anymore, I use it mainly to read news, watch videos or tag my friends over some funny memes.

I’m not sure since when I got so addicted with Instagram. But the more I am on it, the more miserable it makes me feel, most of the time. When I see my friend doing a better job as a mother than I am, it makes me feel like a failure. When I see my friend traveling to some fancy countries, it makes me jealous. When I follow someone I know or a friend, but the person doesn’t follow me back, it makes me feel.. something weird. To be honest, Instagram makes me a very kaypoh person and I don’t like it. Recently I try my best not to look at people’s stories and follow more those comics. I seriously want to stop but it’s so difficult. What else to do if I stop?

It’s tiring to only show your good sides or things on the social media. I guess the reason I stay on social media is to fill the void of interacting with people. But instead of feeling better, I just feel worse. It’s like the monster inside me has awaken and got me filled up with all the negative energy. It’s bad for you. I guess I need to find ways to cope with it. But first, maybe avoid social media for a while? I’ll try..


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