christmas this year

It's almost the end of the year again! We hosted simple Christmas celebrations both for YF's relatives and my friends. Nothing fancy, we ordered Popeye for YF's aunt's family and did a potluck with my friends.

We also did a secret santa with my friends. Baby C got the biggest present of all of us! Vijay and Karthi gifted her a pop up ball house and she was so happy she put all her plush toys inside the house. But she didn't play inside long since she was already tired, so we'll see tomorrow. Shirley gave her an octopus bowl but I will keep it first until the day she won't spill her foods easily. I got the best gift as well, Karthi is my secret santa and she got me a Starbucks mug with hedgehog on it. It's super cute and I can't wait to use it soon! Exchanging gift is always fun to do during Christmas time. I made some personal gift to Shirley and Vijay to kinda commemorate our friendship. A lot of things happened this year and I am grateful I still have good friends to share my life with. I hope our friendship continues until we all become ah mas :))

I cannot believe next week we are already in 2021. 2020 is not necessarily a good year, with Covid-19 spreading all around the world. But at least the situation in Singapore is much better now, things have already resumed as per normal, but still with safety measurements. Another thing to be grateful about is YF working from home since the beginning of this year, which is good for Baby C to build close relationship with him. This year has been a ride of rollercoaster for me; the up and down of taking care of Baby C and learning to navigate my new life with her, but seeing her grow day by day is the most rewarding thing. It's not all rainbows and unicorns, I get angry and frustrated, especially when I don't get enough sleep. But I try to at least control my anger in front of Baby C.

Chinese New Year is coming and again we cannot go back to Malaysia or Indonesia yet. To be honest, it's really really depressing and frustrating to think about it. We already missed this year Chinese New Year. My parents and sister miss baby C so so much! How I wish this stupid Covid-19 situation disappears ASAP!

Anyway, I better go to sleep. It's past midnight. Tomorrow is another tiring yet exciting day because we are going to Oasis Waterpark @ Nee Soon East. Goodnight y'all.


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