short updates

I did it again. I haven’t posted anything here in four months. Many things happened, but mostly taking care of baby C has been draining my energy to the point I don’t feel like doing anything productive. Call me lazy but that’s the truth. Last month she just turned 18 months and she is super active! Plus, she throws tantrums more often than before. She has started school, though, last Thursday. It was only two hours for the first three days. At first, she seemed to be excited enough to meet friends her age, but towards the end of the two hours, she started to cry and clingy. The whole experience made me realise YF and I gave her too much freedom at home, like almost no rules that she appeared to be the wild kid in the classroom, like climbing the chair and table. The teachers were a bit shocked. I guess this is the best decision to send her to childcare so she learns some disciplines and manners. I just need to brace myself to put up with her emotional outbursts for the next few days or weeks until she settles in well at school. 

With baby C being at the childcare, I am now looking for a job. At first, I focused on finding a job in Human Resources but then I kept thinking about switching to teaching. Most of the jobs in HR requires you to be able to speak Chinese (bilingual, they said, but must be able to speak Chinese) and between the salary with the workloads they need you to do, it just doesn’t seem worth pursuing. I was reading a lot about Early Childhood Development and thinking if I should go for it. It means I have to study again. I saw this job opportunity at NTUC First Campus where they will hire you as trainee and at the same time sponsor you to study. I discussed this with YF. At first, he didn’t think this kind of job suits me, being an impatient and emotional person. But we both agreed that this is a better career path than working in Human Resources. At the end, I applied to the job and also registered for the walk-in interview next week. I have no expectations. But for now, I cannot stand the thought of having to go back to find a job as HR or admin staff.

I actually still have things to write but I’m not in an comfortable sitting position at the moment. The library is a bit crowded and I ended up sitting on the floor with my laptop. Next week, then, hopefully with good news about the job interviews.


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