why a dorky potato?

Not sure when I started to use this name, but I still remember how I got it: superhero name generator. I tried to find the list, though, but failed. It was the first letter of my name followed by the month I was born. I find it hilarious but somehow relatable, so I changed my IG account’s name to @adorkypotato and then created this blog with the same name. Basically, I am a dork and a potato, so this name kinda suits me. Sometimes I wish I could come up with a better, more professional name for my blog, but I end up liking this name more. I dunno... it's kinda eye-catching, don't you think?

I will write more tomorrow. This is just me trying to be productive after so long. Currently, I am super busy with studying and all. Yep, I am studying again. Full update on my next post, I promise!


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